Hi, I am going to randomly enforce password protect for some of my translation.

Because …. the novel aggregator irked me and I cannot do anything to them.

So, just to inform you guys, if you stumbled upon a password-protected chapter Chapter 6 and 8 , please do the following :

1. Don’t freak out
2. Go to the previous chapter’s page
3. Scroll down and look for my comment
4. There will be one at the bottom (most probably) mentioning the ‘key’.
5. Copy that and paste it to the password box.
6. Wa-la! It should work by now. If it doesn’t , I will need to trouble you to manually write the password in the box.

Here, I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by my willfulness.

So sorry m(_ _)m


Please read the pinned post instead 😛

(tltr ? Fill in the contact for the password)

29 thoughts on “Password

  1. Sorry I can’t found the password dammit I read the comments and I didn’t see the password you can say the key to me please I’m sorry for the trouble but I’m a clueless person

    1. You mean for Chapter 6? It’s at Chapter 5 (the story page, not the landing page) and press CTRL-F , look for key 😀

      Hint : People called this guy Green Marimo

  2. hi sorry to message you again but i’m on ch23 and i’m looking for the pined post for the locked ch, but i’m having trouble finding it… if you could send me an email with the passwords that would be so wonderful, cuz now I’m invested in my girl wuxin lol. thanks again hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  3. Thanks for your translations! I’ve stayed up late into the night reading them…love them! 🙂
    Regarding ch 23, I couldn’t find the key anywhere on the page. Could you kindly either email it or post it in the comments please?

  4. Hello, I am very sorry as I cannot find the password for chapter 39. Do you mind if I trouble you to send me the password? Thank you

  5. Hello translator sama or should I just call you Banana sama? 0.0
    Sorry to trouble you but I cannot seem to find the password that you put in Chapter 6 for Prince You are so cheap. Its been forever since I read a C novel and this is just my second one so I would like to read it as soon as possible. Please email it to me or say it in the comments. Thank you very much! ^^

    1. Hi, sorry for that. I unlocked it in my old wordpress but forgotten about this site.
      I have unlocked it now.

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