Your translator, me is running a one-man show in this blog.
I decided to take on this translation mission on a whim, and a minute after that sudden decision, this blog (the old one) is created.
Yay~ (0w0)/
Haha…ha … orz

Naturally, I know next to nothing what a translator need to know, or what I called their set of common sense.
I might make blunders here and there, and not realize it.

So I hope you guys, the readers out there will at least be lenient to me if I make any mistakes and tell me what I did wrong. Thank you so much m(_ _)m

So, about my translations, I am using these translators below to help me :
– Google Translate
– Bing Translator
– Chinese online dictionary

What I did was breaking down each sentences with the dictionary, get Bing to read it out for me, make use of my meager understanding of mandarin and combine it with Cantonese (my mothertongue lingo) to translate each chapter. Das hard work yo T^T

By becoming a translator, I realized I really appreciate your comments, likes and follows. It makes me happy that there are people out there who like what I’m doing and you like it enough to comment on it. Thank you so much for your comments.
They are precious cookies T^T

So, I must remember to also comment after I read other translations too.

Thanks for reading this, and have a nice day~!

– I am a Banana (I have an urge to call myself Ba-nya-nya. Hmm, sounds weird)

Extra addition of info , I make another blog for another project.
Reason being I’m trying to make some effort to shake away the novel aggregator.
So here’s the link to my other blog – http://iamabananav2.blogspot.my/

Below are the list of my old blogs (in case you thought it’s a thief site) :
– http://iamabananav2.blogspot.my (Blogger)
– https://iamabananaweb.wordpress.com/ (WordPress)